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How to control slideshow

created with Pictures Slideshow Maker

1. Mouse or cordless presenter:

When slideshow is in progress:

1. Click left mouse button to pause presentation.

2. Click right mouse button to exit presentation.

3. Use mouse wheel to change slides (next/previous).


When paused:

1. Click left mouse button to resume presentation.

2. Move mouse to move picture.

3. Click right mouse button to zoom in.

4. Hold left mouse button and move mouse up/down to zoom in/out.

5. Hold right mouse button and move mouse left/right to rotate picture.

6. Mouse wheel is used to change slides (next/previous) or zoom in/out. It depends on project setting "Use mouse wheel to zoom in/out when paused"

2. Keyboard

1. Escape - exit presentation

2. Left/Right arrow keys - jump to 5 sec backward/forward

3. Pause,Space bar- pause/resume presentation

4. Up/Down - jump to 1 minute backward/forward

5. Enter or F1 - Show Customize dialog.


If you have any questions or suggestions about controlling your slideshow, please use feedback form.


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