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Pictures Slideshow Maker. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Q: I was using PSM and was happy with my Windows 98 400 MHz computer. Last week I purchased a new 1500 MHZ Compact computer using Windows XP. With this computer, when I create a presentation everything is fine but whenever I build an EXE stand alone application or a screen saver it does not work anymore. The images are not shown on screen (black screen) and the stand alone and screen saver do not respond when I try to finish them using the ESCAPE command. Could this be because PSM is not completely compatible with Windows XP ?
A: I have to grieve you. The problem is not Windows XP. PSM IS completely compatible with Windows XP. This program uses 3D hardware acceleration and requires 3DFX video card. Probably your laptop does not have such video card. That is why this program works too slowly. You should upgrade your computer in order PSM to work properly. New programs require new hardware. Sad but truth.
Q: I have trial version Pictures Slideshow Maker installed on my computer. Do I get any additional features after registering ?
A: Trial version has no limitations in its features. I would say this is a full version and you get all implemented features. You have 30 days term of using, advertisement in left top corner in created presentations and nag-screen with registration reminder. All that is automatically removed after registering. All projects created with trial version are still available after registering. All you have to do just rebuild them to remove our advertisment.
Q: I lost my registration key. Do I have to pay for program again or maybe I can get my key free ?

A: You do not have to pay again. Your key will be sent to you free. If you lost your registration key or it does not work with the current version of the program please use feedback form. Please provide us with following information:
1. Program name
2. Your full name
3. Your order ID
4. Your email address you used when you placed your order

Q: I would like to know if I can burn my finished projects to a CD to be played on a home DVD player. I tried burning one but it was not recognized by my DVD player. My player has a 16x playback.
A: If you mean DVD player that you use with TV but not a computer, this slideshow will not work. DVD video player can not recognize computer files. The program makes executable file to be played on the computer. No matter where your slideshow is located, on CD, DVD, HDD.
Q: I created a presentation as EXE and SCR file and wish to send it to my friends. I would know if any additional files or libraries are required to make sure they can watch my slideshow properly.
A: No any additional files or libraries are required. You may send them one executable or screensaver file. Nothing else.
Q: What is limitation for number of slides in my presentation ?
A: The number of pictures or music files is not limited. But slideshow executable file can not be larger than 4Gb. It is much enough.
Q: I tested a sample slideshow I created and was very pleased with the results. Before purchasing, I wanted to make sure it worked on other computers besides the one I created it on, so I saved the show to Zipdisk. When I put it in my other computer, it played, but when it was in transition to the next photo frame, it was very slow and fractured. I do not want to purchase your software until I know it works properly on all computers it may be played on. I created it on a Dell Inspiron 8200 with Pentium 4, and played it on a secondary computer, a Compaq Presario 5140 with Pentium 2. Could you tell me what the problem might be?
A: I quess the problem is video card. This program uses hardware 3D accelerator. Probably your Pentium 4 has 3DFX video card and Pentium 2 has not any. Anyway if computer has no such accelerator all this work is performing by central processor. Besides Pentium 4 much faster than Pentium 2 is. If you are looking for a good slideshow that works properly on OLD computers you waste your time. Before I began to work on this program I have tested a lot of slideshow creators. I did not see any program that works properly even on Pentium 4 with 3D accelerator because these programs DO NOT use this 3D accelerator. In other words, this program require 3D video card. And it will work properly even on Pentium 200 MMX if it has 3D video card like GeForce or something like that. New programs use new technologies and require new hardware.
Q: I mad of digital photo and made with your program Pictures Slideshow Maker a lot of presentations and screensavers (These are my wife, my son and daughter, my dog and my town etc). Now, I want to upload these ones to my site to make my friends able to download them. Can I do it ?
A: Yes, of course. You can distribute your presentations by email, Internet, CD-ROM and DVD disks. And what is more, you can sell your presentation and earn money. You can promote some goods and services. You do not need any confirmation. You even do not need to be registered user to distribute your presentations. Although, in this case, you will see our advertisement in your presentations.
Q: I'm registered user of your program. I want to install new version of Pictures Slideshow Maker. How much it is and if there any discounts?
A: It is free for you. All registered users may install new versions of this program free.
Please visit: Download new version then install it.
Q: I downloaded new version of Pictures Slideshow Maker. How can I install it to make sure that all the projects I created with old version are still available.
A: After you downloaded new version install it in the same folder where old version is. All your projects will be available in a new version as well. Before continue with installation please make sure that any running Pictures Slideshow Maker is closed.
Q: What is system requirements for computer I plane to show my presentations on ?
A: This computer should have OS Windows 95OSR/98/Me/2000/XP and DirectX 8 or above installed on. Video card with 3D accelerator also required.


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