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Screen Privacy

Screen Privacy v 1.2

Screen Privacy Screen Privacy allows you to hide and restore windows by pressing a secret key. It protects your privacy and prevent your information from being seen by anyone else. Screen Privacy allows you to work calmly and do not be afraid of uninvited visitors. While your applications are hidden, they are still working and you can show them at any time. You can stop playing WinAMP music, cover browsers, spicy images, favorite games and other content that is not allowed at your work place. You can hide private windows or all windows, desktop icons, taskbar and system tray. Using of this program is invisible for another persons. You can select the list of private applications, list of public application and black list. Besides, you can terminate all black-list-application by single key stroke. You can customize your secret hot keys and work with your lists using drag and drop interface. This program is very easy to use. It will help you wherever you are. At home and at your office, you have a lot of private information on your computer like credit card numbers and more. Try Screen Privacy for free.

Respect yourself, your personal information on the screen should be secured.
Your personal computer should be really personal one.

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Main features
Immediately hides applications and windows with a secret 'private' key combination
Restores windows back to the same state
Hides taskbar

Hides desktop

Hides tray icons
Terminates any program immediately by single key
Keeps list of private, public and black applications and windows 
Terminates all applications of black list with a 'black' key combination
Using this program is invisible to anyone else
Easy to use interface 
Customize hot keys 
Works under Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT. 



  This program is shareware. You may use it for 30 days trial period, after this period is over you must register program or remove it from your computer. You can register online!

Screen Privacy can be used for 30 days free. Click here to obtain trial version

Screen Privacy is tested under the Microsoft Windows 98/2000/ME/XP operating systems.

Registered users of Screen Privacy can count on free technical support and getting fixed product and new versions free. The suggestions of registered users will be taken into new versions.
To get support please e-mail

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